Camp Snowball

Camp Snowball

Camp Snowball




The Main Challenge

How can we support all students in becoming responsible “systems citizens” who can think deeply and critically, achieve academically and professionally, and, as members of a global community, have the informed capacity to make a positive difference in the world?


Primary Partners

Spaces for Change is working with a global coalition of education organizations and providers to enable a systemic and sustainable approach to K-12 education. This coalition, called Partnerships for the Future, is a focused, multi-year effort to shift K – 12 education around the world toward a greater emphasis on critical thinking skills, sustainability education, and systemic approaches in classrooms and across communities.

SoL Education Partnership
Creative Learning Exchange
Cloud Institute
Reos Partners
Spaces for Change


What is Camp Snowball?

Camp Snowball is a week-long summer “camp” experience that brings together all stakeholders in education as partners – students, parents, educators, and business and community leaders – to build everyone’s capacity for learning and leading in the 21st Century.


The Project

Camp Snowball got its name from the “snowball effect,” which reflects our desire to build momentum around this effort through a set of reinforcing processes all focused on successfully developing our students into systems citizens. The contributing factors include:

A foundation of research-based practices, success stories from demonstration school sites, and shared tools and resources.

A multi-year project design, not a quick fix.

A focus on entire communities, not just school systems. Change is hard. We need committed teams with different perspectives and networks to provide resilience and rigor to this effort.

Business involvement. Students are the workforce of the future. Business needs employees who can deal with the complexity that the future holds. The private sector must join with schools for long-term success.

Relationships across sectors, school systems, and communities.


When diverse teams from different parts of the world come together, businesses can connect with other businesses; community members can connect with other community members; educators and students can join with other educators and students, thus reinforcing the learning that is seeded at Camp Snowball. Cross-sectoral relationships that highlight diverse needs and perspectives are also critical for building creative tension and thus driving these activities to scale.

To learn more about this project, visit the Camp Snowball website, or check out the participant brochure.


Key Activities

This work emphasizes system dynamics, systems thinking, and education for sustainability. These powerful learning tools reinforce instructional strategies and increase student engagement in learning, regardless of the subject being studied.

We are also working on a structured set of follow-up activities. After Camp Snowball is over, teams will benefit from ongoing coaching and support as they work to implement personal and systemic changes.

Description of 14-hour core modules, learning journeys, CEU course


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