The Main Challenge


Research studies such as the American Psychological Association’s A New Look at Adolescent Girls and A Report on the Sexualization of Girls point out something we already know in our gut: there is no clear roadmap to adulthood for adolescent girls today. The transition from girlhood to womanhood has never been easy. However, young women from middle school through college graduation face unprecedented challenges today.


There are social networking pitfalls to navigate, as well as negative and persuasive media messages to cope with concerning body image and societal norms. Also, National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) research reports that negative self-attitudes compound the risk of being bullied. The questions are many.  Among them are, what constitutes truly meaningful developmental relationships with adults?


Primary Partners


• Alverno College Research Center for Women and Girls

• PEARLS for Teen Girls

• Essencia Yoga and Wellness Center

• Girl Scouts of the Rio Grande


What is Natural Mentoring?


Natural mentoring is the capacity within each of us to engage with and support the young people in our lives as they strive to succeed.  Adults who sustain an active, supportive relationship with a young person already in their life are natural mentors.  These adults are part of a team of caring adults who supplement and enhance the work of a young person’s parents.

Although so many of tomorrow’s women find themselves without the support they need to thrive, the women who are naturally in their lives—aunts, teachers, coaches, parents’ friends—are too often unaware of the power they have to help.


The Project


Spaces for Change offers, Power2Thrive, a program of workshops and experiences for women and girls. This three-phased series brings women mentors and the girls in their lives to a deeper level of self- awareness.  The goal is a sustained, mutually beneficial relationship in which women use their unique values, voice and strengths to assist the girls to identify, know and use theirs.

Natural Mentoring relationships can empower, encourage and promote success for girls and women, and throughout the workplace. Pairs use natural mentoring tools to understand and effectively communicate their knowledge and experience. They learn listening and receptive techniques that grow and deepen a mutually beneficial relationship. Whether it’s sales, marketing or project management, women benefit from others’ experiences, successes and failures.


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Key Activities


Phase 1: Three workshops for adult women that increase their self-awareness and equip them with mentoring tools
Phase 2: Three workshops for pairs of women and girls that deepen the level of relationship between them, increase the girls’ self-awareness, and create a plan to sustain their relationship
Phase 3: Each pair identifies a project to complete together that aligns with their values, increases their strengths, and strengthens their voice.