Our Team


Elayne Dorsey

Co-Founder & Partner

Elayne is co-founder of Spaces for Change. She is committed to building communities that value the gifts of all of their diverse members and create collective leadership with youth, adults, and elders as partners. Transcending boundaries of age, gender, race, culture, class, and faith and ensuring that work is done by the community for the community  are central to her work. Elayne uses her skill in coaching communities, coordinating learning gatherings, designing leadership summits, facilitating workshops, and being the “behind-the-scenes” master of logistics to create partnerships of excellence.

Elayne was the COO then CEO of Girl Scouts of West Central Florida during a major merger. Her initial task was to bring volunteers and staff together as one. For three years, she focused on supporting the work of the Girl Scout mission while building collective leadership teams involving girls and adults. Those efforts led to the creation of a team that provided a strong outcome-focused program base and a solid, ongoing leadership development process. Elayne’s earlier work at the Girl Scouts of Mile Hi, Patriots’ Trail, Citrus, and Gulfcoast provided her with experience in creating excellent teams to do the core work of leadership with, by, and for girls.

Prior to her time at Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, Elayne spent four years with the Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development as the senior director of training and marketing. Here, she worked with communities all over the United States, Africa, and India in designing and directing national youth development conferences, small targeted strategic focus groups, national foundation initiatives, international youth exchange programs, and national and international youth and adult training cadres.


For five years, Elayne partnered with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation as a consultant. One of her efforts included the design, creation, and direction of the foundation’s 75th anniversary signature program event in Battle Creek, MI. Young people, adults, and elders celebrated each other and 75 years of youth civic engagement. Grantees from across the country, partners from around the world, and program officers from other foundations used the event design as a model for other anniversary celebrations. Elayne continues to apply her creative gifts to the design of national gatherings, evaluation events, trainings, and international conferences. Bringing young people and adults together to accomplish their goals is the key to what makes her work so successful.


LeAnne Grillo

Co-Founder & Partner

LeAnne helps diverse groups of people act together to address issues they are frustrated with and passionate to change. Whether designing a learning journey, managing a project or a project meeting, or facilitating a workshop, her focus is on creating the conditions for people to connect in meaningful ways. LeAnne co-founded Spaces for Change as a way to accomplish this work.

LeAnne is the network coordinator for the SoL Education Partnership, a network of school systems seeking to form strong collaborative relationships within, between, and among schools and communities in order to create systemic change for a sustainable future. She manages a portfolio of projects that give educators the tools and approaches they need to help students develop the critical thinking skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

LeAnne was a co-founder and partner at Reos Partners LLC for six years and still works as an associate on Reos projects, including Flip the Clinic, an initiative for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that seeks to reinvent the relationship between patients and their healthcare providers. She worked at Generon Consulting (Reos’s predecessor company) for two years, where she contributed to a range of projects using the Change Lab and U-Process methodologies, including a community healthcare initiative in Columbus, Ohio, and a Fortune-50 corporate transformation process in Europe. At Generon, she also began her ongoing work with the global Sustainable Food Lab.

Before joining Reos Partners, LeAnne was vice president and conference director for Pegasus Communications, the premier resource provider in the fields of systems thinking and organizational learning. She spent more than 10 years designing conferences and gatherings that brought people together to address issues that mattered to their organizations, communities, and the world. The Pegasus Conference was known for its finely honed integration of content with design and the creation of a container in which deep learning could happen.

Prior to Pegasus, LeAnne spent 10 years working in a variety of management positions for Patriots’ Trail Girl Scout Council in Boston, Massachusetts. It has always been important to her to work with values-based, mission-based organizations, and she remains committed to helping girls grow into confident, competent, and caring young women. She now serves on the board of directors for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.

LeAnne taught in the Meeting and Events Program at Northeastern University and has a bachelor’s degree in drama (set and lighting design) from Kenyon College, Ohio. She lives outside Boston with her husband and their cats.


Christine Wagner


Christine Wagner is a catalyst for change—a consultant, educator, and facilitator who assists people in leveraging individual and group strengths as they intentionally transition toward a desired outcome or preferred future.

For individuals, she provides connections, tools, and systems to help them identify and use their talents and strengths in reaching for and attaining their highest goals. For businesses and schools, as an experienced workforce development specialist, Christine brings together diverse populations to identify and achieve common goals in changing times: from envisioning and facilitating the creation of workforce development systems in Mongolia, Barbados, and Nigeria to facilitating teams as they develop curricula for training tomorrow’s workforce.

A partner in Spaces for Change, Christine is fascinated by the workings of the brain and holds two levels of certification in Whole Brain Thinking through Herrmann International. She has utilized whole brain thinking concepts uniquely and effectively in developing courses and teaching MBA students and their mentors. Christine has found that whole brain thinking provides an exceptional foundation for the development of mutual awareness between mentor and mentee, maximizing their ability to deepen their relationship and work together toward mutually desired outcomes. She currently serves as a consultant to the development team in the design of a national mentoring program for the direct sales company Thirty-One Gifts.

Christine deeply believes in the responsibility of women to be meaningfully engaged as natural mentors and full partners in the lives of girls and young women—future leaders who will change the world. She is the creator of Power2Thrive, a program of workshops and experiences that link women and the girls in their lives in a mutually beneficial “natural mentoring” relationship. Based on the amazing experience of delivering her own TEDx talk on natural mentoring, Christine volunteers with TEDx Albuquerque on behalf of its Future of Work and Ideas to Action initiatives.


Christine holds a master’s degree in Workforce Development and Adult Education from the Ohio State University. She lives in the mountains near Albuquerque with her husband and travels to Chicago as often as she can to spend time with her family.